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Lord Lawson of Beamish

by Val Baxter

April 27, 2017

Sedgefield Success!

This one worked well for me, not often I am racing , and don’t need to be up early or dashing home from work. Today was the Neptune relays at Sedgefields Herdwick Hall. This isn’t a race I have ever done, , but it wasn’t a rush for me, cos it was my day off, and so long as I got my list of chores done, Linda said I could go.

So, I had a couple of messages to do, and so got up at the crack of nearly 10 o’clock, I knew snow was forecast so it was a pleasant surprise, to see the sun streaming into the bedroom through the gap strategically left between the curtains by Linda just before she headed off to work. Anyway, I got up and did my messages, and banked the club’s money from the memberships that were paid on Tuesday, (see how I managed to put a reminder in that the memberships are due….#passive reminder)

One of the things I love about relays is the support and camaraderie associated with them. The lads had 16 in the team, but we all car shared where possible and arrived generally together and the lasses, with a difference, all met us there. Rob took a break from telling us about how warm Madrid was and registered the teams.

Strangely, Sophie B, who is generally the bairn of the girlie team, stepped up after Kirsty posted in her sick note, and was on this occasion the old hand of the team.

The lads were supposed to be running after the lasses, but after we had run the course, we arrived back at the start to be told we had a couple minutes to the start, and we still needed to strip to our shorts. We ran to the start to be told….. Nope, not yet, the lasses run first.

I think this is only the second time, when the young girls have run as seniors. Sophie gave them a great start, well clear in first place. Amy Jack ran the second leg, and shortly after she set off, the men were started. I was running first leg, with Steve Barker, Lee and Peter Farnie. Steve and Peter tore round the course and think they handed over in 4 and 5. I could see Amy and worked to catch her, but it was never going to happen, she held her concentration and handed over to Eve.

At this point I have lost all the sequence of runners apart from our two “main” teams. I quickly wrapped up and went to shout encouragement to the girls who I was informed were doing very well. By the time I had my kit on, Eve was already past halfway round and I missed her, the lads first two teams had caught her. To be fair though, Dillon and Lewis were running in the A team, and they by now are a regular feature in the relays for the seniors. This was the lasses first time, and they weren’t going to give it away.

At this point I don’t know where they are standing, but I am hearing that Lewis is running well for the men, and has to hand over to Kieran. Sophie Bell was running the glory leg for the girls, and when she came round with 300 to go we counted her in as third. We gave her a shout up the hill, and she drove on and outsprinted the lady who was ahead of her to take second place. Meanwhile Kieran was chasing round for his teams final leg, and brought the team of Steve Barker, Dillon, Lewis and Kieran home in third place. Full results can be downloaded here.

We stayed back to collect the prizes, which were carrier bags of fruit, great idea, let’s run for fun not just prizes!! Following the presentation we retired for refreshments, same as last year when the advance party went through to suss out the event, one team last year and five teams this year.

As ever there were some very quick witted banter bouncing round, but unfortunately yous didn’t want to write the story, so I am going to tell the tale with the ending I want.

Hey, I wasn’t last this time, whereas I often was a year ago,…… And at this point we don’t have official results, but if you are curious as to how I did, get Chris Tiffen’s time, and I am sure I was a second quicker, whatever he did. If the results don’t back that up, well you know in relays the time keeping isn’t easy, and they must have made a mistake.

So a couple beers then home and start trying to remember in a fashion how it all went. Hope Nicky found what he was looking for next to his car.

Great event, great sprint finish from Sophie Bell, and the three young ones got the chance to run with an England ambassador/international athlete. It is the route into senior competition they should enjoy…… Thanks Sophie B (the other one) for encouraging the girls and making up their team


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