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Lord Lawson of Beamish

by leem

July 2, 2012

Sport Psychology Workshop and International Athlete Talk

All athletes who compete want to do so at the best of their ability. There is more then just training that is required to prepare you is an athlete. You can be physically fit and training well but if the results aren’t being produced in competition then there may be some other reason why you aren’t performing as your training suggests. The following workshop and talk have been arranged for any interested athlete or parent. Sport Psychology Workshop. Tuesday 10th July 2012 A Chartered Sport & Exercise Psychologist will hold a workshop and discussion which will include amongst other things, how to deal with the pressure of competing and what could be done to help if not performing/racing as training sessions suggest. International Athlete Talk Thursday 12th July 2012 Alyson Dixon who is a local current international athlete and competed at the last World Championships for GB & NI, has agreed to talk about and discuss her experiences regarding her progress from junior to senior athlete and on to international level. The sessions aren’t lectures and it is intended to get a question/answer discussion going, and therefore giving everyone a chance to ask questions/learn and take something positive away each time. Each session will predominately discuss the ups and downs of the developing athlete through to senior level i.e. suggestions of how to cope with, a drop in current form, the stress of exams/school or work, motivation etc etc. They are available to interested athletes/parents and will take place in a classroom on a Club night. The sessions will last for at least an hour so those taking part will not be able to train that evening at the Club. If you have any questions please see me at the Club or phone/email. Tom Millmore

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