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Lord Lawson of Beamish

by Val Baxter

June 19, 2016

The wheels on the bus go round and round…

So the Birtley tour bus this week travelling southwards. Saturday to Bedford for the national track and field championships. Tour guide was Tommy, and the tourists were Ade on Saturday, and Chloe and Sophie on Sunday. Am sure Kieran must have been the one walking round with the umbrella shouting ‘scuse me’ and ‘follow me’…

The races were on Vinco. But in a nutshell, I think it was a race too far for Adrian, disappointed, but not surprised, as he said ‘I am just not running well at the moment’ but I think the fact must be, a weeks holiday, then Blaydon, then the Northerns, but Bedford, well who wouldn’t be tired?

Chloe ran the 1500, no medal, but following a hard year studying for her degree (got a 2:1) she managed to match her pb. Looking now to put a few weeks of hard training in and the rest of season looks like it will be good. Sophie ran the 800, likewise, no medal, but I saw a good race, against the countries best under 20s, and she made a very creditable 5th place. Watch for Tommys comments on FB.

Then, a little bit further down the country, Darren and Chloe Fairclough ran an open race, a mile I think in the capital. Chloe had a good run, sorry for lack of details, my source is FB.


A little closer to home, this weekend, was the Aycliffe 10k. Seven of us squeezed into 3 cars (actually 2 cars, and Gary’s rocket) cos Tommy had the club bus. It was an early start for us, the race started at 10 but we had to get there after picking the team up, and get there in time to collect numbers and chips. The other thing was, the start was 1/2 a mile from the race headquarters. Never mind the finish was closer. :)

As ever we conducted ourselves very well; we even made a friend as a lone South Shields runner joined us for the walk to the start, and the photo after.

2016-06-19 22.01.08

I have never run this race before, but following the ‘Blaydon’ was actually feeling ok… I will never ever admit that again. I know Karl likes this race, don’t understand why cos it was all run either up a hill or down. At the time I hated it, but I suppose looking back it was a canny course. The lads set off from the front, Peter, Phil and Mark, Stephanie and Shannel opting to run together. Rob was starting in the middle, and I was doing my traditional start further back. I think the order of finishers would be as expected, but everyone agreed it was a hard course. Me in particular found the hills difficult, as I do! Rob tried to help and encourage me on the final lap, but if he wanted to make me run quicker, he would have had to carry me, … And I didn’t like to ask. 😮

The bit I laughed at, at the end (after I stopped crying). There was a team of young ladies sitting in seats with footstools in front of them. Their function was to remove the chips from shoes. I just looked at her when she said ‘put your foot on the step’ You know, it was easier to tip her out the chair than it was to raise my foot on to the step.

Then … Shannel decided her tee shirt was too big, and a different design came out. So, she took the one she was wearing off, and got another. Stephanie thought that was a good idea and copied, and the next thing you know there was a crowd trying to do the same, and one poor young lad trying to cope with the rush.

So, well done everyone for wearing the clubs colours in public, if I missed you out, sorry, just write a paragraph send it to Val and ask her to add it on the end, don’t worry about spelling, she checks mine for me 😉


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