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Lord Lawson of Beamish

by Val Baxter

June 16, 2016

‘Twas on the 7th of Joon…

Oh no, that was my birthday

Hang on…”I went to Blaydon races was on the 9th of Joon”…

Yep that’s it, ‘Twas on the 9th of Joon!

Right that’s the title sorted…

It was Thursday night, club night, and the club had a good turn out. I had played my substitute for the evening, and left Gary Curtis as treasurer cum coach. There was a good spread across the club from young to, erm mature ? Lads and lasses, dames and gadgies. Must have been a dozen runners from our club. (Editor’s note – 24 actually! Well 23 plus an unofficial “member”)

We were hoping for a decent run from Adrian with the Northern Champs looming. Tracy was in great form leading into the race following on from a great 1/2 marathon last month in Edinburgh. Tracy was running as an elite, invited runner, and finished as the 5th lady, in a race that this year didn’t seem to have any Ethiopian or Kenyans running.

There was good craic and great atmosphere at the start as always, the majority of the club warming up together outside St Nicholas’ cathedral, then with 15 minutes to go, the worst part of the run as we all tried to squeeze in at the front. I was uncomfortable at the front, both physically as we were crammed in, and mentally cos I wasn’t keen to start so near the front; I am not ready for that yet.

So at this point I believe as we were standing in the crowd, Val was travelling on the bus, trying to get to the start in time. I have run this race a few times, and my experience is, it is best to park at the end and get the bus to the start. The last thing you need after a hard race is to sit next to a load of sweaty runners, after you have just stood for 40 minutes waiting to get on the bus!!

So, the bell rang, and off we went, …..alaaaang Collingwood street cos that’s on the road to Blaydon. I was running with Shannel this year, she wanted to run a steady pace, so we set the cruise control and off we went. The race always starts fast, but we weren’t going to make that mistake, we held back and despite having done some drills the first mile was preparation and climatising to the event. Once we turned on to Scotswood road, we would start running. This was me exorcising a demon, I pulled my calf last time at this point; ended up walking most of the rest , just to get my tee shirt!

We maintained a fairly steady pace for the next 2 miles, got slightly quicker. Miles 3-5 did ease back a bit, as people we had passed started coming back to us. I did try to keep it steady, even a bit naughty telling her people were catching her, and then after we turned at the roundabout to go to finish line we did manage to lift the pace a bit again for the last 0.6 miles.

When we finished and collected our goody bags and tee shirts, we all waited for the full team to gather and we had a team photo…….or 6 taken. Then we discussed who had run well, and hey…….Adrian landed from his holiday the night before at 6pm, and then I took him straight to Ramside Hall for his year end ball at university, then raced today, and came 31st…… Not bad for a young ‘un.


The journey home wasn’t as good, as the passengers in the back didn’t tell the driver in the front, that the western bypass was closed at night!! Then when we got home I was locked out, so had to go to the pub and wait to be collected. Every cloud …you know.

Great race, loved every bit of it, and all the club ran really well, and the shirts are nice this year. Nice to see the injured and walking wounded managing to make a come back. 😊


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