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Lord Lawson of Beamish

by Brian Bailes

June 11, 2017

Twas on the 9th of Joo~on

This year the weather had been up and down all week leading up to Friday. It was like monsoon madness on Monday and Wednesday just a bit wet Wednesday, but it started to brighten up Thursday and by Friday it was a canny day for a run.

Transport arrangements as ever were the issue with it not finishing where it started, but as ever the race organisers have the buses laid on to take people to the start and baggage to the end. For me that is part of the event, the atmosphere is good on the bus, plenty good craic, with people you have never met before, and people who you see at races every week.

It was going to be Chloe and myself running from ours, and we said we could take Lee, then Adrian decided he would run, and Linda had arranged to take Ruth and Sally. I think next year I am going to have a word with race organisers and see if we can get them to put a bus on from our house!!

Anyway, we picked Stephanie up and braved the traffic queues and arrived at Blaydon, found a great parking space near the end, and then jogged to the busses. Now I was starting to get into the mood for the run. Been nervous about this cos I have done quite a lot lately and my legs have been so tired that I rested Thursday.

There was, as ever a buzz around the toon, but something else that was maybe a bit different, the presence of armed police mingling. It kind of brings things home to you when a local race on your doorstep attracts/needs armed guards. It didn’t seem to spoil the atmosphere though.

We grouped together in the Bigg Market then couple of laps round past Theatre Royal and across the High Level Bridge to Gyetsheed and back, and it was there we were greeted by Tony and Bev Foster who had been in the area, so popped across to say hi.

The club had canny representation again this year, all with different reasons or expectations. I had my plan, it was going to be a reserved pace for the first mile, not to be zigging and zagging past people, I was going to wait until the masses thinned out then start working. I wanted to do negative splits as well. Started off well, 7:03 first mile then two sub 6 1/2’s then it changed a bit, and a slightly different route, that I think I liked better than the old route, don’t know what happened, it was probably the incline on to the Scottsy bridge but I slowed although I didn’t feel like I had.

I think I realised I had slowed a bit as we headed alaang Chainbridge road so I dug in a bit more, at the end of the road at Blaydon, when we turned back toward the finish line, it was about half a mile to the end. I work in half miles when I train, like to run, but put in fast half miles and I told myself “it’s just one more of those fast bits” and I kicked again and my last pace was back down to 6:31 pace. On reflection, the negative splits didn’t happen but never mind, I did my best.

I was happy with that at the end, averaged 6:44 min miles took some comfort and a confidence boost after a shocking run last Monday on the track.

So home and when I got back…. (before Linda), I realised I didn’t have my key, so Lee, Matt and I sat on the doorstep and waited for someone to come and let us in.


Full results here.

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