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Lord Lawson of Beamish

by Val Baxter

January 15, 2017

Weekend of competition all over the place…

Well we haven’t seen Mark this year yet, but he came home to see us this weekend, but I wasn’t destined to see him much. He came home late Friday night, but earlyish Saturday morning I was heading down the A1 with Adrian and Chloe for the Northern indoor championships. When I say earlyish, we would have been a few miles down the road when he got up.

Roads were eerily quiet, strange for a Saturday morning, but we still stopped on the way down at Wetherby, a kind of tradition with us now, it’s my favourite service station, and it gives Adrian a chance to eat something, and then still be OK to run when he arrives at Sheffield.

When we arrived, first person I bumped into was Mickey Baker, then I went to get set in a seat as Chloe went with Adrian to register. Straight away we have a bit uncertainty, there were 11 registered athletes, but if there was only 10 it would have been straight final, so we are expecting heats. Adrian went to call up and we didn’t know what was happening still then, until they announced it would be a straight final. Just as the race was setting up Guy Bracken was announced as a vet55 and he had his own personal battle. He was never going to be competitive with the young lads but was challenging for the northern record, which he won in 4:21. I was really pleased to see that.

Adrian ran a good race, finishing 5th in a strong field. An exciting last 150 as north east outdoor champion Sparrow Morley tried to take him on with a sprint, but Adrian managed to hold him off, revenge for Adrian after Sparrow beat Adrian in the North Easterns at Gateshead stadium.

Meanwhile, around the track, you could hear people all over shouting for Adrian. I managed to hear Pam Bradshaw who was there with Macey, but I couldn’t spot her in the ‘crowd’.

Meanwhile, Sophie B was running at the other end of the spectrum. Ade was indoor, and she was doing X country at Antrim in Ireland. Sophie was representing the north of England. She ran well, first counter for the north east, and second overall in the race……great performance.


On Sunday, there was more competition. In the white rose city, Tracy Millmore was competing with Keith Robertshaw, in the Brass Monkey half marathon. Tracy has been accepted in the championship event at the London marathon and is working really hard , preparing for her first marathon. She had a great run, winning the ladies race in an impressive 1hr 17mins, and is now ranked no. 1 on Power of 10. Well done Tracy. Keith who has been struggling with injury lately had a solid run finishing in 1hr 30mins.


Whilst all this was happening, we had 27 athletes competing at the Cathedral relays. The first race was the vets race. We had a bit jiggery pokery with the teams as we were presented with a ‘sick note’ but we still managed 4 strongish teams, and one incomplete team.


Seemed a bit strange for me cos it was on the Durham park run course, which I have run several times , but it was run in the opposite direction. It was a flat course, which suited me, and I have to say I loved it. While our race was running, Chloe was running round the fields with Ruth. Just shows the spirit we are developing these days as the younguns enjoy a run with the ‘olduns’ and those who aren’t running still come to watch in case they are needed to run.

The ladies race was seniors and vets in one. This time we had two teams, Shannel team captain sending in a sick note, and following a misunderstanding, Ruth ended up managing the team and registering the team. Goodness knows how they managed to get organised, but when I arrived at the field, there were two organised teams. Nobody had the leg they wanted, but that’s what happens when the manager is remote from the team. Main thing was we had two teams and they were all set to run.

Ladies first team Lorna Graham strong first leg handing over in 6th place to Maria, Maria ran a strong leg, handing over to Stephanie, who stunned all watching as she ran round and removed her cold weather clothing, and threw her gloves into the amazed crowd. The other ladies team gave a welcome return to the blue and yellow ribbons of Val making her come back following 8 or 9 months out. Val handed over to Mrs Mumford , who also wasn’t sure if she was going to run, but is now veteran of several runs in the Birtley colours, who handed over to Kelly, for what was the first time I have seen her in a Birtley vest. Great representation by all.

Then the main event 😏. The senior team was Adrian first leg, who ran a cracking leg handing over to Steve Barker in 3rd place, Steve running his first race for Birtley handing over to Cameron, who has run a few endurance races but I believe this was his first ‘sprint’. All the team performing well. Big shout for Rikki who turned up in case he was required for a complete team, but ran on his own for the second senior team.

Great weekend of athletics, let’s have a nice rest next weekend ready for the northerns in Liverpool the weekend after!!


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