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Lord Lawson of Beamish

by Val Baxter

November 20, 2016

Well, that went down well…

I don’t know quite what to expect cos I have increased my mileage lately (the last couple months) and run quite often now with two of our, maybe faster lads once or twice a week. The race this week has an overall result, and is measured over every age group performance so, you score extra points just for having a full team.

Am not exactly sure who we had running, but have a feeling we had enough athletes for a full team. I saw a few of the young ones run, but wouldn’t like to place any of them cos I was told Adrian was third but he actually finished 4th so not going to say much rather than… Hey well done. You see that is tact, no one should be offended.

Anyway, my Sherman cup started on Friday as Stephanie told me she would drive and we arranged for her to pick us up, and she agreed to take my bairn and ‘friend’ although Chloe is still broken, she still came to watch us #teamplayer

It was awkward in the car cos we had a great CD to listen to, but Stephanie wanted to pretend to be a teenager and insisted on playing Justin flippin Beeeeeber, when I had a ‘children’s Xmas party’ CD to listen to. She just hasn’t entered the Xmas spirit yet!!!

Anyway, she arrived early, and we still hadn’t packed the treat for each runner, but we packed her little car up (she had just changed it last week and wasn’t sure how to use the radio) but she still didn’t like my music choice!! Anyway, she asked me to tune her radio for her, but was disappointed when I tuned in radio 3, classic fm and jazz, can’t understand that!!!

Almost as soon as we arrived, I managed to offload the runners treat, to Mrs Perkins, whose son apparently was tremendous this week fb_img_1479634051221

and then went to warm up with the ladies (we met one of Lisa’s mates who ran as a guest, hope he enjoyed it). Anyway we saw bits of other races, then the ladies ran and we had good team performances, don’t know the placing but I think Lisa and Lorna were roundabout top 15, supported by Shannel, Stephanie and Clare.

The main event followed (with one race between them) I still wasn’t completely sure I could run. My increased mileage was starting to show in two ways. I am running better, but my legs are tired and to be honest I wasn’t keen on running, there have been a couple issues lately that have demotivated me, but one of the team was feeling the same, so, the team player in you pulls through doesn’t it. We started at the back, and tried to start steady, then work through the field, and I think we did ok at that. I preach this method all the time, and some accept the principle, and some don’t but hey today it worked for us.

1st lap was a chore, I often feel that if I am not mentally prepared, but second lap was basically just going through the motions. I was running with Lee, and we were both having to work hard. We both dragged each other round and supported each other right through the second lap. We agreed that we would kick on half way through the last lap. To be honest half way round I walked up the hill, but after that I was good.

We said we would push on once we had climbed the last hill and gone round the back of the trees we started to increase the pace on the last lap. At that point I was going to count how many we passed, and in the last 3 edges of the field we passed 9 which felt great we strode down the last 2 sides of the field and I have to say I was working hard, but Lee came with me all the way and there was no one between us as we crossed the finish line. Thanks to whoever shouted he is 20 years older than you, cos I am not that old !!!

I did explain to Lee I have 30 years of racing behind me, and he absorbed the ‘advice’ and I think he was great. Let’s not apply any pressure, but let’s hope he learned from today’s run. This is how we run when we are trying to enjoy, not actually trying to win the race………. Hope you aren’t at work next week !!!

Anyway we had a canny run, weren’t last in from team, but the ‘counters’ had been through a while when we got back. I have to say when chatting to club colleagues that there were some good performances ahead of us, I don’t know the results yet, but with a bit of inside information, and mildly biased, Adrian did well, came 4th as a senior. (Full results can be seen here)

Now, I am sure most of yous know me. I try to be everything to everyone as best I can but can’t do it all the time. I did try to set the ball rolling on the team spirit and picnic roll. We did provide the cake this week, and, I have to say…… The organisers eat cake as well!! If you make a cake mix, make 3 extra buns cos apparently Vicki, Val and Micky all like cake as well. If you don’t believe me, ask them on their FB pages. 😏

Looking for a volunteer for next week, … Do I have to make that cheesecake every week? Come one you lot … With bairns who like to play in the kitchen… I am posting the link for the cheesecake recipe here.

Anyway, thanks to Lyndsey for managing the cake. Thanks for saving me a bit but to be honest I am watching what I eat… That is too fattening for me, but I think when we arrived at the tent there was only a couple of bits left, hence the title…well that went down well…

So hope everyone enjoyed the day , well done everyone… Check FB cos I think Rob has commented on team positions, generally speaking, well done you all.


PS Another club favourite can be seen here. Also, for FB users our club photos can be seen on our Team Birtley – Just the pics page.

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