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Lord Lawson of Beamish

by Val Baxter

April 30, 2017

You could almost have boiled an egg…

My third race in five days, I would expect to be getting tired, but it still feels good. Great banter and event on Wednesday at the relays, and Friday was the trail run at Soooth Sheelz which, was just a good run with Lee, so when this morning came round, I was still keen. I ran the Sand Dancer last year, so this was a measure of progress.

My turn to drive this time, which was ok cos the car was due a clean out anyway, so I picked up Phil, and together we went and collected Stephanie. It was a lovely sunny day but when we arrived at the coast it was very windy. Seem to think it was quite windy last year too.

Three races, the bairns, then the young ones, then the main event. Point of note, and I only know this cos her dad was standing with us, but Katie Francis won her race. 👏🏻


So as ever I am looking after Stephanie, who turned up at the beach, in her club vest! Never seen her do that before, so I loaned her my spare tee shirt, gloves, hat, and buff. Next point of note. *big smile* the parking meter was broken.

We hung around in the masses sheltering from the wind, interestingly bumped into someone I had raced on Friday. There was a good turnout for the Birtley lads, but only two of our ladies.

I tried to run in the middle of the pack at first, to shelter from the wind but that didn’t work as the field thinned out straight away so I just focused and tried to get on with it. To be honest I was running canny, I had passed the lad from Friday and opened a gap, My club colleagues had started to pull away, but when we turned at the halfway point of the first lap, the wind dropped and I was into my stride running comfortably. When we turned again for the second lap, the wind, wow! Just about stopped me in my tracks something I need to work on, my hills and running into the wind. The man from Jarrow caught me and put over a hundred metres between us by the time I turned for the run back . Once I wasn’t fighting the wind, I started working hard, and with about half a mile left caught him again, wasn’t going to let him catch me again so I set off chasing Dave Francis. I worked hard, but think the last mile was taking its toll on my legs and as we ran round the track at the end, when Katie shouted that I was closing on him, he just managed to ease away again.

Tell you what though it was hard work with that wind but I loved that race today, and my time? Well it isn’t official yet, comparing times with last year, this year at the end I would have had time to boil an egg by the time I got in last year……if you like your eggs runny that is. I think I was almost 2 1/2 minutes quicker this year.


After presentations we drove home, and I washed the car…… As you do cos it’s Sunday. 😀. Linda has learned the lesson from Adrian and Chloe so while they were away she took advantage and left her dirty car, in the middle of the drive!!! 😳

Only one more race in this 8 day spell, NEMAA relays at Jarrow on Wednesday … Bring it on!


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